Conversations With Dez - with Chip Mason & Mary Ann Furno, talking about Mainframe Security

Jul 14, 2020, 03:52 AM
I recently caught up with Chip Mason (Lead, Mainframe Security Product Management) & Mary Ann Furno (Offering Manager, Mainframe Security) from the Mainframe Division of Broadcom, to talk about the latest news, trends, insights and solutions around Mainframe Security, Education, and the drive to deliver more agile and integrated DevOps and Continuous Development / Continuous Integration (CI/CD) solutions.
We kicked off with why and how to build adaptable, modern security to fit into an ever-changing world, to meet the increasingly complex, hybrid IT infrastructure demands an adaptable, enterprise-wide security strategy.
In particular around where digital transformation integrates business operations across the enterprise, and why integration requires a more complex, hybrid IT structure and leverages all platforms in the infrastructure.
We delve into how complex IT opens new threat vectors and requires a security strategy that is adaptable but not chaotic, and that today’s risks are driven by the latest technologies – i.e. how to modernise security to match, specifically how transformation of various forms has created a connected mainframe driving new threat vectors that need a modern security approach and tools.
Chip and Mary Anne share key insights around the challenge of tracking what are privileged users doing and how to answer questions like “Have I identified all of the PII?” and “What insider threats exist?”, and the challenge of reevaluating and modernising mainframe security can deliver a savings in time and a reduction in risk.
Also discussed is the top of how building skills and automation help make your security more strategic, efficient, and deliver greater business value, in particular around the issues related to automating routine, simple tasks enables security staff to focus on higher-value activities, and how shifting away from security “firefighting” affords time to implement capabilities that mitigate larger security risks.
Another mission critical topic discussed is that cybersecurity automation, and how it helps organisations address the shortage of skilled security workers and supports less-experienced staff with best practices, and that modernising security across all systems minimises risk and simplifies audit and compliance, and that skills are a critical factor in eliminating risk and ensuring compliance
We also talk about where Broadcom invests in customer success and helps organisations up-skill, to develop & build skills based on the experience and mentorship of others to deliver the ultimate in training, and build skills and experience simultaneously with the Broadcom Mainframe Vitality Program.
And we delve into what Broadcom’s portfolio offers and what the team from the Broadcom Mainframe devision can do to help ensure the issues above are addressed and that your security strategy is competitive and strong - specifically around the challenge to reduce risk with a comprehensive modern mainframe strategy, while securing the world’s most securable platform involves more than simply setting a few IDs, and how organisation can advance their mainframe protection with modern security capabilities built for all three ESMs – ACF2, Top Secret, and RACF, and conduct an automated mainframe security health check.
Tune in now for all of these amazing topics and more.
This podcast was made in partnership with the Mainframe division of Broadcom.
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