The Success Rebellion Podcast EP 04: William Rodriguez - Former Leader of the Cali Cartel (The Real Narcos Story)

Jul 14, 12:42 PM
In today’s episode I will be sharing the podcast stage with someone whose name has been at the front of popular culture recently, in the Netflix series “Narcos”. William Rodríguez Abadía was once a top level leader of the Cali Cartel, considered one of the worlds most powerful criminal networks at the height of its power and his father and uncles were key players in the international drug trade as well as being established businessmen in Columbia.

We discussed how William was able to face his own demons and step away from the highly stressful and damaging life of organised crime. He shares his thoughts on the show Narcos, and how Hollywood can tend to glorify the rise and glory of crime but tends to brush past the hard reality. William is now invested in sharing the true colours of this lifestyle and hopes to steer people away from the dangerous path of crime and towards a future filled with a balance of success and what he calls his “tranquilo”.

Whilst crime is never a path I would advise people to go down, there are undeniable habits, traits and a dedication to being the best at what they do that these powerful organisations could teach us for our own pathways to success. The true choice is how do you apply these skills and habits. Something I hope to dig deeper into within this podcast.