Episode 5 - PTSMN Health & Wellness Podcast - Physician Dr. David Caccamo on his Journey to PTSMN, Fitness & Health

Episode 5,  Jul 15, 2020, 12:21 PM

In this episode of the PTSMN Health & Wellness Podcast, we talk with Dr. David Caccamo about his journey to becoming a PTSMN physician. Dr. Caccamo and I also share a common interest in functional fitness. Our discussion about the power of functional fitness to improve health is relevant and timely. I also ask Dr. Caccamo to share his experience with practicing at PTSMN versus in a more traditional medical system. For PTSMN members interested in making an appointment to see Dr. Caccamo or any other provider at the PTSMN Family Health & Wellness Centers, please call: 651-348-8851 .

:50 PTSMN Family Health & Wellness Centers (https://ptsmnhealth.org/)
21:12 CrossFit (https://www.crossfit.com/)
31:17 Physical Therapy (
33:38 Virtual Classes (https://tphmn.com/virtual-schedule/)