The PRC prepares to attack Wake Island. Rick Fisher, Intl Assessment and Strategy Center

Jul 16, 02:42 AM
Image:  The Aerial mosaic photo of Wake Island made by U.S. Navy Commander Air Unit, Battle Force, Photo Unit, 14 February 1942.
Date | 14 February 1942
Source | Official U.S. Navy photo 80-G-451044 from the U.S. Navy Naval History and Heritage Command
Author | U.S. Navy

Rick Fisher, Intl Assessment and Strategy Center; in re; PLA J20 fifth-gen fighter.  China’s first stealth fighter; similar to US 22A stealth fighter. Minnie Chan, SCMP, a Tokyo Rose of our time, says a second version has just entered production, the J20B. Can thrust up and down, super manoeuverabiity.  J120 engines are not widely space—the Sukhoi is—but close spacing lets it travel well into the Second Island Chain, 200k PL 15; smaller is under dvpt. Potent and a threat.  Is it invisible to the US? Can’t tell from open source material.  Designed to reflect stealth influences; and cyberespionage has given China many secrets. US developing Wake Island; practices airborne troops against a possible invasion of Guam..  Eventually the J20 will be aerial-refuelable.  H6N bomber.  We should work with Japan to reinforce Ryukus, and not abandon the First Island Chain.  

Chinese military has already killed on 15 June in Ladakh; seems to have a blood-lust. . . .  Xi Jinping holds hat there’s only one legitimate state on Earth, China; and only on legitimate ruler, Xi.  Only important air show will be in [Juhai], China: the H20. In 1941 when Wake was under attack by Japan, a message went to Washington: “Send more Japs.”  Moral: best not to attack Wake.