Norris' Last-lap Moves Like A Hollywood Action Flick

Jul 16, 03:11 PM

Lando Norris is the talk of the Formula 1 paddock, podium, pit-lane and pit-to-car radio. His last lap aggression has been entertaining - much like a Hollywood action flick. The other drivers in the limelight? Sergio Perez & Sebastian Vettel. Racing Point are making it a habit to let go of quick drivers to accommodate Lance Stroll.

Lando Norris' last lap moves have made headlines and even memes! In fact, Norris & Mclaren's execution seems just so Hollywood-like - with Norris' engineer giving precise instructions over the pit-to-car radio. And of course, 'Scenario 7' will be remembered for the time to come. Are we in for another Mclaren treat in Hungary, too?

This episode is an Inside Line F1 Podcast and Pits To Podium special. Look out for the '5 things to watch for in the 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix' and the paddock stories we've been tracking - 'Drop A Driver, Hire Vettel', that being the theme for a few teams. Does Lawrence Stroll need a reality check or do we?

Tune in!

(Season 2020, Episode 30)

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Music courtesy: Lucien Byfieldt
Image: F1's YouTube Channel