Episode 274 - Bubba Dupree (VOID, Hater, Earth 18)

Jul 18, 2020, 02:30 AM
VOID WEEK CONTINUES!  On this episode Damian is joined by guitar god: BUBBA DUPREE! Listen in as the two discuss Bubba's journey into punk & hardcore. From developing the sound that changed hardcore to his criminally underrated 90's band Earth 18, this one is nuts!

Also Touched On: 

The Sex Pistols in Esquire Magazine 

Buying “Never Mind the Bollocks” on 8-Track at K-Mart

Being young in San Francisco 

Seeing the Jackson 5 at the Cow Palace 

Brian James is the greatest punk guitarist

Looking for something trippier than Discharge

Joining Void

Where does Bubba’s guitar sound come from?

Ian McKaye in the studio

the story behind the unreleased “Potion For Bad Dreams” 

liking Rites Of Spring

forming a band Johnny Reese from the Obsessed 

Earth 18 with Graham from Negative Approach

the Void logo transcends the band

Kim and Ben from Soundgarden are Void fans