Madeline Zech Ruiz - I Married A Penis Doctor Who Fixes Women Too

Jul 10, 2020, 08:47 PM
Madeline Ruiz talks with on a detailed discussion about her audiobook "I Married A Penis Doctor Who Fixes Women Too" Self Narrated by herself. 
About the book:

This book is gentle enough for every man to read, funny enough for every woman to enjoy, and educational enough to give a copy to everyone you know. The Dick Doctor’s wife makes it safe and accepting to talk about all things urological and encourages you to embrace your plumbing.
The numbers are staggering, and nobody wants to talk about it. We are not talking about your money or being broke. It’s bigger than that! More than half the men in this country are affected at some point in their lives by erectile dysfunction. Too many men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer or have difficulty trying to pee. You can add Viagra, Cialis, and penile implants to the conversation and now it just got better! This new frontier approach known as men’s health is the new best practice for getting your sex life back on track.