#006 - Manifesting DJ gigs for big brands with DJ Mel (Interview)

Jul 18, 2020, 10:29 AM
Meet DJ Mel (www.instagram.com/yo_djmel), one of the fastest rising DJs who can consistently be found in-store for fashion boutiques, big name brands and high end luxury hotels. 

After self-teaching herself how to spin at University and juggling an intense career as a scientist; DJ Mel broke down the process of contacting promoters and attracting the types of gigs that match her passion for fashion. 

In this inspiring episode, DJ Mel joins the All About Helping podcast to discuss: 

  • how she built her brand through social media 
  • what steps help attract bookings from big brands 
  • how she sparks conversation with new promoters 
  • why content creation matters and beating the awkwardness of taking photos in public. 

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Keep up to date with DJ Mel on www.instagram.com/yo_djmel