Win Your Life Podcast - Mini Series 2 - Episode 1 - Shattering Illusions and Chasing Perfection with Sue Hawkes

Episode 5,  Jul 20, 2020, 10:00 AM

The goal of The Win Your Life Podcast is to illuminate the intersection between prevention and performance. The fitness industry is focused on performance and not always concerned with prevention. On the other hand, our health care system is focused, by necessity, on combatting the overwhelming amount of disease, illness and injury in our society. At the intersection of prevention and performance, there is a group of coaches, medical professionals, business leaders, athletes, and thought leaders that are working to help you Win Your Life.

In this mini-series, we are focusing on the pursuit of the peak. Whether you are chasing your potential in sport, business, health or life in general, my goal with this mini-series is to share the stories and best practices of top performers and coaches. In the first episode, I sat down with my business coach and certified EOS Implementer Sue Hawkes to talk to her about what she has learned in 20 years of coaching business leaders and individuals to reach their peak. Sue is the best-selling author of the book Chasing Perfection, as well as the creator of the Maximizing Success Journal. You can find Sue on instagram @suehawkes and her coaching website

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