A Teacher, A New Mom, And An Elite Weightlifter Battle It Out As a Team At The Fresh Coast Fitness Festival | Keega, Betsy, & Alyssa

Jul 20, 2020, 11:30 AM
A teacher, a mom, and elite weightlifter compete on a team at the @freshcoastfitfest competition and end the weekend with a third place finish. In this weeks episode on -The BittyStrong Podcast- we discuss the highlights, the struggles of the @freshcoastfitfest competition, and what we learned from them.

We also tap into a few other topics.

Keega, a new mom, shares with us her post-pregnancy journey; what it felt like to compete in her new body, and the discipline it took to prepare for a tough competition, and how she got her shredded six pack in less than one year after having her baby girl, Remy. [she is in the middle of the pic]

Betsy, the teacher, fears being in front of a big crowds competing, but decided to take charge and step into the arena with Team Ka-Pow. She talks about how she overcame her fear and the boost of confidence she gained after battling it out that day with Team Ka-Pow at The Fresh Coast Fitness.

Alyssa, the elite weightlifter, discusses the mental hurdles she overcame from only training a short 5 intense weeks for the competition and the difference between being in the back/on stage for a weightlifting competition to competing on the crossfit floor again on a team.

We end the conversation with the fire questions.

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