Should EA do 'a PES' & skills that pay bills? #44

Jul 22, 11:14 PM
Melbourne City Pro Player Marcus Gomes joins your regulars AirJapes and Ben to discuss:

  • How to get shots off in the box vs a packed defence
  • Where do should EA go with skill moves? 
  • Marcus's top skills which pay his bills
  • Ben's favourite fun and effective skill move he's probably told you about lots of times before
  • Gomes starts an RTG (in July!!!)
  • Should EA do a PES and pause the annual FIFA release cycle?
  • Which sides should you have your left and right footed CB on?
  • Summer Heat Pogba reviewed
  • The good, bad and ugly of Summer Heat
  • Best CBs for 3ATB
  • Japes runs 433(2) and seems to like it a lot