StratCast XVIII

Jul 16, 2020, 11:38 AM
Welcome to the eighteenth episode of StratCast. This week, with Sophia Gaston away finalising an important BFPG paper on China, Tom Cargill,  Seumas Kerr CBE and Peter O’Kane follow the normal format. They review some of the week’s developments that stood out, ranging from heatwaves in Siberia to machinations in Westminster. There is then an interview with Philippa Foster-Back, who led the Institute of Business Ethics for 20 years around the always important but recently dramatically more dynamic subject of businesses being held to account for their practises, current and historical. They finish up by looking at what’s been going on in the briefing programmes of the last week, with a particular focus on BEI’s  extensive ongoing series of webinars featuring on-the-spot market briefings from over thirty UK ambassadors and their representatives around the World, bringing to life key themes and opportunities for UK business.