Part 2/2: Embracing our freedom

Jul 25, 10:21 PM

What if there's a way to recognise our freedom from our ancestral baggage?

How many of our parents have struggled?
How many have experienced their own hardships that we know we cannot truly understand?
Sometimes these hardships created prisons…prisons that we as their children take on in some form leaving us trapped. What if there's a way to recognise our freedom?
Safa Boga of @Kimiya_healing and I explore our own journeys with our parents and dive into practical steps in creating deep awareness of our freedom. We explore how powerful self-awareness creates a wonderful evolution and how our experiences to freedom, while completely different were also very similar.
This is Part 2 of a 2 part conversation...if you haven’t checked out part 1 yet, click here.
Safa writes a super interesting blog:
Safa runs a 10-day energy healing programme named Womb Room. I recently gave it a go and loved it - I'd highly recommend:
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