Nuits Rouges + Film Title Poem + Dance Girl Dance

Jul 29, 2020, 05:00 PM
Put on your best old lady disguise and alert your ninja secretaries! Our director's lottery came out with Georges Franju recently, which means this week Tim and Graham are watching his deliriously silly pulp oddity Nuits Rouges, aka Shadowman. Is this final film from the Eyes Without a Face director a lost treasure?

Two very different films from female directors make up this week's Off the Shelf. Graham has Film Title Poem, a Mubi exclusive from rising star of experimental animation (yes, "star" is a relative term here) Jennifer West. Sarah reviews Criterion UK's Blu-Ray of Dorothy Arzner's Dance Girl Dance, starring Lucille Ball as you've never seen her before! Unless you've seen her do burlesque before. We don't know what our listeners get up to in their private lives.

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