Threatening unknown seed packages from untrusted China. Gordon Chang @GordonGChang, & Bill Gertz @BillGertz,

Jul 30, 03:11 AM
Image:  The Chinese snakehead fish, “the fish from Hell,” which mysteriously appeared in a pond near Washington, D.C.  Screen grab.

Gordon Chang @GordonGChang, & Bill Gertz @BillGertz, Inside the Ring column, and author of a new Encounter Books Broadside, How China's Communist Party Made the World Sick, in re: Pompeo’s brilliant speech in California at the Nixon library: Distrust and verify [China]. Now, many packets of seeds have arrived mysteriously from China; [God knows] what they’d do if planted. China truly is engaged in unrestricted warfare with the US. It's stolen our advanced technology in many realms.  A snakehead Chinese fish, an extreme predator (“the fish from Hell”), was found in a pond near Washington, D.C. Whence did it arrive?  Another deed: send defective masks and personal protective equipment—which, in fact, it did. However, some could be sabotaged actually to enhance the spread of the virus. A truly evil incarnation of the Soviet Union. Serious concerns in US intell and military: China is working very hard on biological weapons; defectors have attested to this.   Secret deal between China and Pakistan whereby Pakistan will test biowar elements. After China’s mishandling of the Wuhan virus, increasing biowar research, all under the PLA.  Recent reports of China working with bioweapons programs of many other nations, including in the Middle East.  We need a full accounting of the origins of the corona virus.    Dr Yan Li-meng worked at a WHO lab in Hong Kong, is very well informed ; has given new details on the relation between the Chinese military and the Wuhan virus.