Married and Marooned

Episode 7,  Jul 30, 2020, 03:53 AM

Allen and Sofie were married on a lovely sunny day in Goa in February this year. Everything seemed on course... the wedding, a honeymoon and beginning a brand new chapter of their life in Germany. 

And then all hell broke loose with the global Coronavirus outbreak. Allen and Sofie speak about the range of emotions and exasperations which they endured, while they were trapped in the lockdown in the Western Indian state of Goa, unable to leave and unable to venture out on their collective journey after they entered wedlock. 

After the initial shock, the couple made the most of the host of restrictions which accompanied the lockdown. For example, in the podcast Allen speaks about how he managed to learn German during the months in isolation; a key skill vis a vis employment opportunities in the country he is migrating to. 

The couple spoke to this podcast days before they embarked on their much-delayed journey to Dusseldorf, after having survived the lockdown. 
Host & Editing: Jeffery Manuel 

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