Calling tech support

Jul 30, 09:30 AM
Unquote has partnered with technology advisory firm Intuitus to record a special podcast on the implications of the coronavirus pandemic on technology due diligence.

This segment of the market has experienced solid growth in recent years, with growing interest from major private equity firms. But the coronavirus crisis has undoubtedly accelerated digitalisation across the private equity industry, from remote working among firms themselves, to an increased need for cybersecurity in portfolio companies, to a bounce in the technology sector that is catching investment professionals’ eyes.

Katharine Hidalgo speaks to Adrian Astley Jones, chief commercial officer at Intuitus, to discuss all this and more.

0:00 – Intro
0:48 – The impact of the pandemic
5:16 – Monetising portfolio companies’ data rooms
12:18 – How scale-ready are startups?

Unquote would like to thank Intuitus for sponsoring and contributing to this episode of the podcast.

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