Jul 31, 11:34 AM
We did it guys, we made it through July! Take a moment, celebrate. Then listen to our latest episode, which is a joyous affair. 

Dave and Craig throw down on the apparently literally perfect new Taylor Swift album and then duke it out Top 5-style with a whole host of strange link-ups; good, bad and very, very ugly. 

ACT ONE [5:39]: Coronavirus continues to have its way with the NO ENCORE news section but it's mostly alright, Lars Ulrich and Dave see eye-to-eye on one of music's most long-running battles and Aaron Dessner is a terrible father.

ACT TWO [17:14]: We do love a big new music release on this podcast so let's really drill down on Taylor Swift, folklore and the surrounding noise, shall we? 

ACT THREE [46:28]: A Top 5 that really runs the gauntlet as emotive, painful, offensive and sometimes beautiful shouts dominate the Unusual Collaboration rundown.

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