Being PERSISTENT in life with E. Courtney Scott

Jul 10, 07:00 AM

Being persistent in life for E. Courtney Scott has helped him in more than just reaching his goal of working in sports, it has created opportunities throughout his life and helped him found Kontent Incubator as he now tries to pass that knowledge to others through The Winning Edge Leadership Academy.

Show Notes:

  • Courtney has always been into fashion and it started as a kid because his dad was into fashion
  • Growing up as an only child, his why was to make his parents proud of him
  • Grew up in SW Atlanta in a neighborhood of successful black people outside of making it in sports
  • Baseball was his favorite sport but knew that his talent wouldn't afford him the ability to make a career in playing
  • Knew he wanted to work in sports and fell in love with Florida A&M after visiting when he was 13
  • Learned persistence from his dad and it has carried him through life
  • Has become involved with The Winning Edge Leadership Academy because there really isn't a traditional way to get into sports and he wants to help the next generation with uncovering different pathways to a career in sports
  • Founded Kontent Incubator to help parents and families understand the business of sports
  • Words of Wisdom from E. Courtney Scott: "Inch by inch is a cinch, mile by mile is going to take a while."

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Featured Image Photo Credit: E. Courtney Scott