Microsoft finds the 9-to-5 workday is fading away

Aug 05, 01:55 AM
New research from Microsoft found that the expectation of the 9 to 5 is starting to slip away amid the global shift to remote work.

The US tech company, which owns email service Outlook and event manager Calendar, as well as LinkedIn and search engine Bing, has one of the biggest data sets on who we are and what we do at work. It mined its trillions of data points based on emails, meetings, searches and posts to come up with its Work Trends Index.

To discuss the company's findings, host Kelsey Warner is joined by Naim Yazbeck, a director for Microsoft UAE. They talk about who is being most affected by the WFH experiment, a surprising uptick in a specific emotion - empathy - and how to avoid burnout.

In this episode:
What have we learned from working from home? (0m 34s)
Which generation finds WFH the most challenging? (8m 52s)
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