Feelings of "Enough" When Serving Your Audience with Kelly Jackson

Episode 56,  Aug 11, 2020, 06:00 AM

We’ve all struggled with feeling like we’re not good enough to serve our audience at one point or another, right? In this episode, Kelly Jackson of Simply Organized Teacher shares how she moved past the fear of not being good enough and into the realization that she has a gift and it needs to be shared. Her gift is helping busy and overwhelmed teachers create organized classrooms! Kelly describes how she’s grown in her ability to show up authentically and make real connections with her audience. 

How can being intentional with initiating conversations on Instagram help organically grow your email list? Before Kelly started being proactive she was gaining around 30 new subscribers per month, but just last week she gained 102 new email subscribers! 

Kelly also shares her strategic pandemic-pivot and how she was able to create a course quickly to help teachers switch to e-learning by organizing their Google Drive. 

Have you been wondering if the Greatness Mastermind is for you? You’re in luck friend, you’ll hear firsthand from Kelly how her experience as a mastermind member has grown her confidence and business!

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