E19 An Angel On Earth: Creating a Happy, Beautiful and Colourful Life

Aug 10, 2020, 01:01 AM
Episode 19, is an epic, sexy, and powerful one. Our guest and friend, Keidi Johana Pushi, is an Angelic Channel and Master Coach/ Healer with years of experience in the spiritual wellness field. Her presence is that of a magical angelic priestess and even through her voice, she energizes the whole room.

In this episode, we went with the flow and talked sovereign relationships, transformational programs, abundance through generosity, creating artistic space, and more. She taught us how she lives a happy, beautiful and colourful life by being present and alive in every moment. Tune in and be Soulfully inspired by this Magical Women.

Connect with this super natural women, Keidi Johana Pushi at: