#118 | Stephen Fagan | Animation Producer/Coach

Aug 17, 2020, 10:17 AM

Recently PBL was joined by old pal, Friend of FNI and SuperDUB Stephen Fagan for the show.

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Stephen Fagan is a Dublin born Animation Producer, Coach and Managing Director of the new Animation Studio Meala.
Stephen started his studies in animation production at Dublin’s Ballyfermot Senior College. After working in various animation and creative roles Stephen developed a passion for empowering creativity in people and sees animation production as the ultimate form of creative expression and collaboration.
As a company Director, Coach and Mentor working closely with Animation Skillnet, Screen Leaders and Screenskills Ireland, Stephen is a brilliantly engaging guest with an insight to a variety of creative roles, who tells things the way they really are.
(No kissing , straight in)

We talk about all things animation in Ireland, the importance of representation across the country and what the future holds for the industry and his own hopes for the exciting new Studio Meala into 2021.

Stephen has been Producing animation, Dreaming, Sketching, messing, designing and illustrating for both commercial and IP projects for a number of years. We're very lucky to have him on.

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