Aldar’s Greg Fewer is optimistic for signs of recovery by year-end

Aug 19, 01:55 AM
The chief financial and sustainability officer is optimistic for signs of recovery by year-end. Greg Fewer, Aldar’s chief financial and sustainability officer, joins host Kelsey Warner to talk about financial results from an unprecedented second quarter.

They discuss what Abu Dhabi’s biggest developer and asset manager did to manage losses at the peak of shutdown measures, and how it plans to sustain and grow in the months to come. Also in this episode, Mr Fewer shares his outlook for real estate, what sustainability means to a publicly listed company in 2020 and why Aldar is now accepting credit cards for rental payments.

In this episode:
How Aldar got through Q2 (0m 38s)
Flexibility for tenants (6m 32s)
How is Aldar moving with the times? (13m 39s)
Aldar and sustainability (19m 19s)
Headlines (22m 48s)

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