Capitulo 89: How to WIN a Rigged Election, Latinas in Politics II

Aug 18, 2020, 07:55 PM
It’s Election Season and we’re serving up a steaming hot installment of our Latinas in Politics series! In Capitulo 89 Las Mamis of Myth & Bullshit discuss Federal attacks on the United States Postal Service, Donald Trump’s efforts to disenfranchise voters, and the importance of the USPS in communities of color! Las Locatoras are joined by Mayra Macias, the Executive Director of Latino Victory to discuss FIRST LATINAS - A joint partnership with actress Eva Longoria and women’s rights activist Cecile Richards, designed to endorse and raise awareness of Latina candidates running for offices that have never had a Latina representative before. Tune in NOW across streaming platforms to learn about Latinas running for office near you and ways to ensure that YOUR VOTE is counted!!

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