What is long-haul Covid and is it real?

Aug 20, 2020, 09:02 AM
‘Long haulers’ or ‘Long-termers’ are people who have recovered from the coronavirus but weeks or even months later, are still experiencing symptoms.

Diana Berrent, founder of Survivor Corps - a Facebook group with 90,000 members who discuss Covid-19 and its symptoms and seek each other's help, tells us about her experience with long-term symptoms from Covid-19. Dr. Natalie Lambert, associate research professor of medicine at Indiana University, partnered with Survivor Corps to research about these long-haul cases. She explains why we need to take cues from patient experiences and carefully understand what they need to recover. 

We also hear from Marcus Tomoff, a member of Survivor Corps, who contracted the virus and later on became a long-hauler. He describes how his life changed ever since he got a false negative.

This podcast is hosted by Suhail Akram.