3 Ways To Make MONEY Singing Online from Home

Aug 21, 2020, 10:53 AM
Earn £300 to £1,000 a month extra as a singer from COLLABS and FEATURES to make money singing from the comfort of your home as a SECONDARY INCOME. 

The strategy I want to share in this video is for rappers and singers who want to learn the music marketing strategies for making a living as a songwriter SEPARATELY from their main body of music. 

First things first, you DO NOT have to market every feature you do across social media! You can make money singing online as a session singer by charging artists to use your voice as a tool. 

In fact, you don't actually even need to be credited for some collabs - it can literally be backing vocals and harmonies. 

Get ready to learn how musicians earn money through collaborations by featuring on 4 x beats a month to pay you a salary from music and enable you to make money singing from home. 

Which of the 3 music marketing strategies do you agree with most? 

Let me know!  Question? Should I start a 2nd Instagram account called Make Musicians Money full of tips for artists to GET PAID for their craft? 

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