Dadcast: Will people send their kids to school sick?

Aug 24, 2020, 05:00 AM
On this week's Dadcast, Nathan is all up for a bit of shame making it difficult for parents to send their kids to school. A SWAT team of shame. Also is a runny nose the definition of sick these days? Yikes.

Dave and Ger are slowly learning to accept that perhaps the punishment beatings meted out by their larger siblings is just a part of growing up for young 'uns these days.

It's a correspondence week this week on Dadcast, with Nathan, Ger and Dave answering some readers queries and listening intently to the continuing descriptions of the snip. Nathan also finally reveals the ingenious way he got a full refund from the hotel in Spain he'd recommended to everyone. It involves tempting fate a little and may hasten his decision to have his tubes tied, just in case.

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