Rod Fox on the greatest market opportunity in his lifetime, the distribution landscape and the cost of Covid-19: Part I

Episode 20,   Aug 24, 2020, 10:28 AM

Today on The Best Policy, we are joined by Rod Fox, Managing Partner and CEO of TigerRisk Partners, a global reinsurance and capital advisory firm.

In the first edition of our two-part interview, we begin by asking Rod about the completion of an investment round from private equity firm Flexpoint Ford and how this marks a new chapter for TigerRisk Partners.

We explore opportunities from the fall-out from broker consolidation, the distribution landscape and how it has shifted in recent years, as well as the new normal for this part of value chain. 

Considering the Capital Markets and Advisory unit of TigerRisk Partners and its involvement in a number of significant raises, Rod shares his thoughts on the impact of Covid-19 on securing capital as (re)insurers look to scale up to capitalise on the rapidly hardening market conditions.

We also ask the chief executive what he thinks of the current loss estimates and trapped collateral, as well as his key priorities in managing the pandemic impact from a company, employee and client point of view.

Finally, we explore how the pandemic has changed the notion of perils in the marketplace. 

Part II will air later this week and will focus on market dynamics ahead of the 1 January reinsurance and retro renewals, diversity and racial inequality, and future talent development.