E20 Standing for Compassion, Fierce Love and Community Connection With Dave Dick

Aug 24, 2020, 10:37 PM
TUNE IN to Dave Dick - father, creator and leader - as he moves and inspires all of us to be present, take action and live a life of CLEAR VISION. Episode 20 is raw, authentic, and a journey of discovery for us at The True Act Podcast.

Dave Dick - no joke - is a ruthless mother f*cking dragon causing leaders, compassion and fierce love. He shares with us his experience of fatherhood, starting a business, human connection, and causing freedom.

We were especially mind blown in the last moments of the episode when Dave reminded us to be present, to go back to our inner child state of just BEING.

Discover what he offers for yourself by TUNING IN to Episode 20 at The True Act Podcast.

Connect with Dave Dick, content creator,  at Human Folk:
E-mail: dave@humanfolk.com
IG @humanfolk