Age Is Not A Factor For This 58 Year Old World Record Holder | Lauren Goldenberg

Aug 26, 2020, 03:32 PM
Lauren Goldenberg: "After I missed my first lift I decided to change my mindset. I am going to go out there and show them what a 56yr old woman that weighs 108lbs can do and I kept that mindset since…..I mean what do we have to lose at our age. We are out there to have fun, stay fit, and compete.”

58 year old, Lauren Goldenberg, has set the standard for the older aged women in the sport of weightlifting. In this episode Lauren joins BSP CEO, Alyssa Ritchey, to discuss how she has not let her age hold her back, plus:

Athletic History Growing Up

Competitive Mindset

How her training volume changes as she ages

How she keeps her body healthy with nutrition, supplements, and by using the proper recovery tactics

Limitations she experiences as she ages

How often she competes

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