Episode 8 - Decolonising the World's Biggest Encyclopedia with Dr Jess Wade

Aug 26, 2020, 08:37 PM

Jess Wade sprung to STEM Stardom in 2017 when she began a challenge to uncover the secret role models of science - the women and people of colour who, although they did amazing scientific work have been overlooked throughout history. She's also an incredibly physicist in her own right studying chiral Organic LEDs (You likely don't know them but they're all around you in your phones and swanky new TVs.

Welcome back to a sit down with a scientist. While today's journey began in the realms of experimental solid state physics chatting about Jess' work as a physicist it wasn't long before we began to explore the ever complicated topic of representation in science.

We discussed the incredible Angela Saini's Inferior and Superior, the influence they had on her as well as how she managed to get a copy of the former into every state school in the UK.

Jess is someone I've long looked up to having been an undergraduate at Imperial when she started the mammoth challenge to publish a wikipedia article every day more than two years ago. If you want to get involved in the project check out her Twitter and sign up to one of her "Edit-a-thons"

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