Ric Flo on Time Management For Musicians (Podcast Interview #009)

Aug 27, 2020, 04:11 PM
Ric Flo on Time Management For Musicians

Every recording artist wants to learn how to be a more productive and adapt time management strategies for success!
Rapper and lyricist Ric Flo takes the phrase "productive musician" to another level as he moonlights as a Motion Graphics Designer, part of the rap collective Jungle Brown, nightlife Photographer and hosts inspiring music workshops for kids in Foster Care.

On top of all that, Ric dropped one project, Rise Of The Phoenix at the beginning of lockdown and recently filmed his own music video Ric Flo 'Before I'm 25.

Coming up on Sept 3rd, his own birthday (big up all the Virgos) Ric is swiftly following up with his next release Rebirth Of The Phoenix across all digital platforms. 

In this powerful episode, Ayaz and Ric chopped it up about:

  • Time management for musicians
  • Filming your own Music Video (Ric Flo 'Before I'm 25')
  • Rapping about reality and telling his Foster Care Story
  • How to be a Productive Musician
  • Recording Artist Tips 

Ric shared brilliant recording artist time management strategies for success with plenty of music producer productivity tricks to stay productive as a musician. 

Enjoy this interview and lock in on Youtube too! https://youtu.be/PPPMoTv3pFs