#120 | Fergal Costello | Director BAFTA winner (Brain in Gear)

Sep 01, 2020, 11:02 AM

Fergal Costello. Ep 120.

Fergal's Visual Flair, Sense of humour and Directing style has been gathering notice for some time now. He is an award winning Director of Adverts, Music videos, TV and despite his recent success, you'd never guess.

His work on the Short Film "Brain in Gear"in 2019 was rewarded in 2020 with a BAFTA award and our very own Sean T, Dropped everything to get the Skinny on the Alter Ego British/Irish Comedy Short.

Fergal is from Carlow and began his career as a Director on Irish Academy Award winning comedy show Republic of Telly. During his two-year run on Republic, Fergal directed a range of viral sketches and short films and directed two award winning commercials. In 2017, Fergal picked up three coveted Kinsale Shark Awards for Best Director, Best New Irish Director and Best Low Budget Music Video for his music video work.So far in 2018, Fergal has won Best Newly Signed Director at The Shiny Awards in The Mill, London as well as Best Music Video at the 2018 YDA's for his piece "Way to Love". He's in the process of developing his first feature film at the moment, it's currently called "Untitled Awesome Horror Film" in his Google Docs. 

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