Trauma Recovery With OM Therapy Coaching

Aug 29, 2020, 06:29 AM
Gabrielle Ortega, Owner and Founder of
OM Therapy Coaching, comes on Time Out With Terra! She comes on to talk about trauma recovery. 
Gabrielle is a sparkly, slightly-goofy, and all-around badass Soulful Leadership + Business Coach, who helps people learn how to decode their mind, heal from past wounds, discover their power, and break through to living their best life ever!
She integrates her knowledge as a trauma-informed therapist with her experience as an online, high 6-figure conscious leader and business owner, to create incredibly unique programs that help clients stoke their inner fire to become the abundant and impactful Light Leader they were always meant to be.
Her goal is to empower her clients to fully step into who they are with compassion and courage, teaching them how to stay aligned and in their integrity, and support her clients as they spread their light and create financial freedom using their natural gifts!

Instagram: @om_therapy_coaching