Love Is Freedom - What I learned this week

Sep 01, 2020, 07:28 PM
If you've ever wanted someone to be yours and tried to control them this isn't love - this is the ego's desire for possession. It's deceptive because we think that our feelings of love for this person are coming from them, but they're not - they're coming from us and when we recognise this the game changes completely.
To love someone is to be free with them and allow them to be free in however they want to express themselves. The ideas of property and ownership that come with the labels of "my husband, my girlfriend" are what restrict the interactions we have with our significant others and dim the shine of the relationships we want to enjoy.
I'm on a journey of deepening my understanding of love with myself and everyone in my life. Join me and I'm sure you'll make discoveries of your own that change the way you see your world significantly.
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