Tenet + Beanpole

Season 1, Episode 269
Sep 02, 2020, 05:00 PM

Cinema Eclectica is a little different this week - and it's not just because we're risking another bad review from Covid-19 by going back into the cinema. It's because we've arranged the show backwards to accomodate our Film of the Week, Tenet - so those of you who want to go in completely cold can enjoy the rest of the show before we start discussing it in the second half.

For the rest of you, Andrew, Rob and Graham are here to review Christopher Nolan's Saviour of the Theatrical Experience™ plus a new physical release from Mubi, Kantemir Balegov's Cannes hit Beanpole. There's also a Question of the Week about comedians you think deserve a better shot at big screen glory, and a lot of references to Ghostbusters for some reason. We're still not entirely sure why.

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