Developing Athletes & His Business | Chad Wesley Smith, CEO of Juggernaut Training System

Sep 07, 2020, 01:00 PM
Chad Wesley Smith: “We are passionate about the Pursuit of Progress. Progress is never finished, we are never finished learning; never finished refining our methods; never finished progressing.”

Chad Smith, an all around athlete from collegiate track & field to powerlifter & strongman to Jiu Jitsu and now he uses weight training to stay healthy.  Chad, the CEO of Juggernaut Training Systems, joins BSP CEO, Alyssa Ritchey, to discuss his journey as an athlete, a business owner, and a coach.

His journey as an athlete

Developing Juggernaut Training Systems

Managing JTS through the current pandemic

Athlete Development
  • training protocol
  • finding the right coach to work with
  • athlete mindset

Well rounded training program

His weight loss journey & losing 100lbs


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Chad Smith
Instagram: @chadwesleysmith

Juggernaut Training System
Instagram: @juggernauttraining
Youtube: Juggernaut Training Systems

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