Dadcast: All you ever wanted to know about The Snip but were afraid to ask (with an actual Doctor)

Sep 07, 2020, 04:25 PM

Dadcast: The Snip special contains scenes of a graphic nature that some listeners may find educational, entertaining and sphincter tightening. Or else you're not scared of some detailed, informed medical information. Could go either way.

Friend of the show, Dr Emmett Byrne, joins the Dads to terrorize/explain to Dave exactly how a vasectomy works. He is a urologist, as well as a former Leinster and Ireland prop. This will be our final show talking about your mickey for a while given how much time we've spent on it, so fill your boots and luxuriate in the details of the actual instruments used, how it won't affect your sex-drive, or your experience of sex, other than to make you certain you're not having another baby. We even get into reversals and how they work. And there's bonus material of the doctor in Kildare who got shot by an unhappy customer! 

There's more information here, and the podcast is longer, than you ever thought you needed about the fine art of vasectomy. This will either confirm 100% you are doing the right thing or scare you off for life. Dave is uncertain, but we will never hear from him again on this matter until after the fact. 

Our thanks to Dr Emmett Byrne - you can get more information on how to avail of his services here

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