Assassination Moscow. Paul Gregory @PaulR_Gregory @HooverInst

Sep 09, 02:51 AM

View of "Red Place", Moscow, U.S.S.R 1917.

Assassination Moscow.

Paul Gregory, @PaulR_Gregory, Hoover; in re:  Alexei Navalny, an anti-corruption blogger who exposed all kinds of abuse by oligarchs in Putin’s inner circle, incl Medvedev. Spent a lot of time in the Russian Far East, where there are demonstrations against Putin, Trying to organize it so that the Parliament becomes a real parliament.  He was poisoned by Novachuk (available only from the Russian military), which several years ago was used against two Russians in England; and Navalny finally was transported to a German hospital. He’s just come out of a medically-induced coma and is said to be recovering.  Now, there are demands in Germany and Europe to cancel Nordsteam2, which is a major threat to Russia.  Russians claim that Navalny merely ate something bad; that the CIA invented charges.  Many problems on Putin’s hands, including the mess in Byelorus