Your Better Vote (Read to the tune of RuPaul's You Better Work)

Sep 09, 2020, 01:00 PM
On this episode of Tamarindo, Brenda and Ana Sheila discuss the 2020 Election. From the Supreme Court to course-correcting on immigration, there are so many reasons to vote in November and not only against Trump. We discuss the policy priorities that some of our listeners shared with us and talk about what is at stake with this election.  We each share why we are voting,  some small ways we can all get involved, and we make promises to step up our advocacy because we know that no one can afford four more years of the same. 
As a palette cleanser for your ears, this episode ends with a love story. We know so many of you enjoyed our episode on love that we wanted to continue the reflections on relationships with this episode. We end with a recording of a live performance of Brenda telling a story of a meaningful first date. This performance was pre-Covid at an excellent event called Talking While Female,  hosted by Teatro Luna, an all-Latina theater ensemble.  The audio is not spectacular on this live-story, but if you don't mind that, we think you'll enjoy it!
We mention supporting organizations that are working on getting the Latinx vote out such as Voto Latino. Learn more about them and register to vote here:
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