Koko-Di Koko-Da + Vitalina Varela

Sep 09, 2020, 05:00 PM
Wind up the music box and make sure you're camping on a reputable campsite, Cinema Eclectica is reviewing Johannes Nyholm's time-loop horror Koko-Di Koko-Da this week. A festival favourite that's proved more divisive among - is it insulting to say normal people? Probably - normal people, what do Graham and Rob make of it?

Off the Shelf sees Rob open another puzzle box, this time Second Run's new Blu-Ray Vitalina Varela. The latest from Portuguese auteur Pedro Costa, he finds it a forbidding place to start. It's no wonder we had confusion all up in our minds this week, a feeling we exorcised with a Question of the Week that asked what movies baffled you the most.

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