The trouble in Belarus invites Moscow's bad acting. Russell Berman @HooverInst

Sep 10, 02:34 AM
Image:  Union of Lublin of 1569, oil on canvas by Jan Matejko, 1869, 298×512 cm, National Museum in Warsaw

Russell Berman, @HooverInst, Hoover; in re: Byelorus.  If Byelorus goes democratic, then Russia is next; presaging a loss of power for Putin and his crew.  The Russian Novochuk poison administered to Navalny, who seems to be recovering in Germany now.  Major discussion in Germany on whether or not to stop the Nordstream pipeline from Russia to Germany.  A lot of Western Europe has gone to sleep on the topic of Russian despotism.  Our adversaries are trying to push the US away from Europe and East Asia.  NATO is a key piece of our security apparatus, but needs to rethink its [functions and range].