What Would You Do If It Was Freaky Friday?

Season 1, Episode 13,  Jun 17, 2019, 05:00 AM

Imagine it's Freaky Friday. You've just woken up in someone else's body and you're not sure why. What would you do?

This week, we're realising how different Callum and Jessica's morals are as we answer WWYDI you were in Freaky Friday. We even make a good attempt at answering what you should do in the situation, even though it's kind-of impossible to answer seeing as it's never really happened (or has it?).

Side-note: Jessica was really disappointed that she never got to work in this story about Lindsay Lohan. Did you know, she recently started commenting on a Taylor Swift livestream where Taylor was trying to promote her upcoming album? Lohan left great comments like “We think you’re great!” and “My mom was in cats.” Iconic.

Here's some links about all that VR headset stuff: 



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