What Would You Do If You Were In London?

Season 1, Episode 12,  Jun 10, 2019, 11:26 AM

We’re on the road and have arrived at London! What Would You Do If? is finding out exactly what you should do when you’re a tourist in England's capital.

London is one of the places-to-be and we’ve got tips for tourists on things to do and how to save money on popular attractions. As always, Callum and Jess are complete opposites in what they want to do – you can imagine that all the fights were had as they decided how to spend a day in London.

Website recommended by Jessica for vouchers for popular London attractions if you take the train: https://www.daysoutguide.co.uk/

If you want to see how we got on, we recorded the day on Insta (@WhatWouldYouDoIfPodcast) and Callum’s would you rather question for this week is on Twitter (@WhatWouldYouPod). You can send us feedback or episode suggestions on whatwouldyoudoifpodcast@gmail.com (preferably you'd request an episode that takes us somewhere sunnier, like Fiji or Bali).