Biden's and Big Media's race and class presumptions are out of date. Victor Davis Hanson, @VDHanson @HooverInst

Sep 11, 02:40 AM
Image:  “First municipal election in Richmond since the end of the war - registration of colored voters / drawn by W. L. Sheppard."

Victor Davis Hanson, @VDHanson, Hoover & NRO, in re:  The Democratic party has relied heavily on the Black vote, but in recent decades has abandoned Black and Latino jobs.    The middle-class and upper-middle-class white people screaming epithets at police and tearing down statues are not gathering support.  Trump is campaigning on Land of Liberty.  Elites have been harassing diners, grabbing food off tables.  Mexican-Americans complain that the protestors are unwilling to work, while “I have to wake up at 4 AM to go run or fix a tractor.”  The elites think of every Latino as an ageing Cesar Chavez, get their news of Latinos from their own colleagues, all of whom seem to be clueless. BLS has a huge war chest.  Don Lemon.