Nana Badu, Founder, Badu Sports & Badu Community

Sep 11, 09:01 AM

With Badu Sports and the Badu Community, Nana Badu is on a mission to empower young people through sports and mentoring. Sharing his story that saw him move to the UK from Ghana aged 10 and face social exclusion throughout his childhood, Nana explains how sport motivated him, helped him to understand his worth and gave him a direction. Today he is using the lessons he learned through sport to mentor young people in east London, to stay on the right path and achieve their goals.

Nana Badu is founder of Badu Sports & Badu Community, providing top quality PE specialists, who mentor and develop the children and young people we work with, while simultaneously extending their learning on matters both within and beyond the classroom walls. At Badu Community he and his team support the transition young people go through during critical stages of their lives, starting from primary age and working with them as individuals as well as working with their families.