Let's Start Healthy Conversations In Our Families To Burst Out Stress

Sep 12, 2020, 11:30 PM
This week on It's okay, our host Chhaya Dabas talks about misogyny and the patriarchal biases women deal with on a daily basis. The 23rd letter to her Dear Zindagi talks about the undue stress and mental fatigue these daily biases lead to and how much it bruises somebody's mental health to be discriminated against or see and receive differential treatment.  

This week's letter is written in light of current events and the talk of how we must make our surroundings safer and more respectful of women's personal spaces.

Chhaya shares her own dealings with patriarchal representations and discussions that sometimes take place even within close circles. Join in this week as Chhaya shares her woes and hopes to find some respite and rescue by talking to her pal, Dear Zindagi.