The Ambition Hour Podcast-Episode 137: I'm in the Mirror Looking at a Work of Art

Sep 12, 04:00 AM
Welcome Kings and Queens to episode 137! This week we give you guys the Big Sean Detroit 2 review and share some of our favorite bars from the project. Chloe x Halle having some of the best performances since the beginning of Quarantine (No excuses). We also give you guys some movie recommendations (and where to find them). Masturbation being a conversation in sitcoms but only with pre-teen boys and how its important for girls to also get the talk or at least for it not be so taboo. Claudia and Jav also talk about people expecting too much in the early stages of dating and we close out the episode with talking about boundaries. There is always more we just get tired of typing it all so make sure you tune in.
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