Embracing & Leaning Into Your Spiritual Gifts with Colin Harris

Episode 6,  Sep 14, 2020, 09:00 AM

Do you know what your spiritual gifts are?

Most people I talk to have no idea what that is! Let me give you a clue, it's the thing you’re so good at that you forgot it’s a skill or something valuable & people love you for it!

On today’s episode I brought Colin Harris on the show who shares his story of finding out what his spiritual gifts are. He has made a huge impact on my life -  he was able to reflect back to me what mine are. When I fully embraced this, my whole life transformed and I want to share this information with you!

He really embodies listening to his intuition having taken a road that is very unconventional, leading him to discover his gifts and find his purpose. 

If you have an open mind, you will get so much from the episode! We talk a lot about the practical side of emotional regulation, which is so important given the current circumstances.

During this episode we discuss:

What are the akashic records?

How Colin defines an empath 

How to identify what emotions are other people’s vs your emotions (& he goes over an exercise to try!) 

How to deal with emotional overwhelm 

What is the third space & how you can use that to your advantage

The importance of being honest with yourself regarding your emotions 

How to get past the racing thoughts in your mind

How to cultivate self awareness

Colin gives a great tip on manifesting 

Colin’s Bio:
Colin is an automotive service technician with a different path. He is a reiki master, akashic record reader and shamanic healer. His speciality is using the akashic records to help people tap into their intuition, gain clarity and step into alignment. Through his readings he empowers you to break free of old limiting patterns that are holding you back in life, and helps you connect back to your body and soul.
Connect with Colin:
Social Handles:
Instagram: @colin_astral
Youtube: Astral Healing   
Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • DISCLAIMER: if you are dealing with serious mental health issues, please seek professional help. Here are free resources in Canada (where the show is based)
  • Third Space Definition

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